Use Shopify B2B Platform and Price with Automation & Negotiation

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Use Shopify B2B Platform and Price with Automation & Negotiation

Shopify B2B platform helps you segment your audience and price your items with both automation and negotiation! Here is how to do it!

According to one research – over 10% of B2B buyers today research half of their work purchases on the web. Over 50% of them complete the purchases online.

The B2B buyers today demand B2B businesses, as well as, channel strategy professionals match B2C marketplaces and companies like eBay and Amazon by including B2C principles of price convenience, transparency, and immediacy into their shopping experience.

The business decisions related to selling at the beginning of the year are going to be different than those made at the end of the year. Usually, the sales managers choose to stimulate deals into the fourth quarter with promotions and special pricing options.

When selling through multi channels, allowing dynamic pricing & approvals increases the deal speed without losing control. Many sellers are adding in configure-price-quote or CPQ to offer customers personalized shopping experience.

The key here is price personalization that is fully automated for purchasers in the research phase and encouraging them to buy.

This is good news for B2C merchants planning on moving into B2B ecommerce or wholesale. Instead of building a new B2B store, using a B2B platform should integrate the best practices for your current site.

Shopify B2B platform is the solution you are looking for! Shopify B2B platform helps you segment your audience.

Shopify Plus makes building multiple storefronts pretty simple. Apps like Locksmith allow you to password protect your specific product collections and create subscriber-only content and sales.

For automatic pricing, Shopify Plus offer Shopify Scripts which is a simpler solution by removing the need for promotional or discount codes. Shopify Scripts can be used to adjust prices in real-time based on size, quantity, product combinations, and customer tags.

For negotiated deals, the pricing must be custom-made on a buyer-to-buyer basis. The process includes creating multiple lists for volume, percentage, and fixed discounts; applying the multiple lists to individual customers or groups; establishing minimum purchase amount; reviewing draft orders; integrating reward and loyalty programs, and more.

To help you, Shopify Plus has 3 types of pricing lists. These can be used to create as few or as many lists as you need. Each list can be used for an individual customer or group.

The most successful B2B sellers are relying on Shopify B2B platform that scale to support new and trendy ecommerce strategies.

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