Make Wholesale Easy for Your Customers with a B2B Wholesale Platform

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Make Wholesale Easy for Your Customers with a B2B Wholesale Platform

Give your B2B customers access to their own online sales partner and manage your own wholesale account with a B2B wholesale platform! Read and find out more!

B2B buyers prefer simplicity! If you want to build a successful B2B online business and make wholesale easy for your customers you need to cater to their needs.

In order words, you need to offer them a version of the order forms and spreadsheets they are used to. Adding the complications of B2C can only become a distraction.

The first thing you need to do is find a B2B wholesale platform. There are great B2B wholesale platforms out there, but we believe Shopify Plus is one of the best ones.

The biggest myth related to wholesale ecommerce is that it is difficult and sometimes impossible to get your sales channels up! By using Shopify Plus and taking advantage of the Wholesale Channel you can double your sales and give your customers the platform they need to simplify the ordering and purchasing process.

One great example is Beard & Blade, a brand from Australia, specialized in men’s grooming supplies. The store migrated from Magento to Shopify Plus. The reason was that they struggled to offer their customers an easy way to manage and use the wholesale portal.

With Shopify Plus, they had no problems at all. The sellers can apply and get immediate access to a wholesale account while B2B customers have access to their online sales portal.

Another great thing is that the B2B stores are mobile optimized and they all include custom pricing lists designed for customer segments.

What’s even better is that the wholesale stores operate on the same backend as your B2C store. In other words, if you already running a Shopify B2C store, there is no need to create a new B2B store. All you have to do is take advantage of the wholesale tool and transform your store from B2C to B2B.

Inventory for wholesale orders is pulled from an inventory pool and automatically synchronized with customers and orders in one admin. You can monitor and analyze your customers and orders in real-time.

The password-protected and secure wholesale portal allows you to control which customers have access to a minimum & maximum quantity increments, select product or collections, and fixed or volume-based discounts.

Knowing what your customers want and expect is preeminent. Allow your customers to shop your B2B items through a B2B wholesale platform and double your sales!

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